15 Step:How to Make Cake Pops for Valentine’s day


  • Cake mix of your choice
  • Frosting
  • Chocolate for melting – milk or dark, your choice; and some white for decorating purposes (white chocolate is optional)
  • White chocolate wafers (optional)
  • Sprinkles for decoration
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Styrofoam block
  • Food coloring (optional)


Bake a cake. It doesn’t matter what type. Make the flavor that you enjoy most!

Allow the cake to cool completely. After taking the cake out of the oven, be sure it is totally cool before you start transforming it into cake pops.

Using either your hands or a spoon, take the cooled cake out of the pan and place it into a large bowl. Mix to break down the cake into fine crumbs. You can either mix it with an electric mixer, or use your hands. Make sure that all there is left is crumbs!

This is messy fun. If you have kids, they will probably adore doing this step for you. However, be sure their hands are clean! You don’t want to eat cake pops that have been touched by dirty fingers.

Choose a flavor of frosting that you like. Add about half of it into the crumbs. Basically what you want is to form a doughy texture again. If you need to add more frosting, feel free to do so. Make sure it is all mixed and ensure that there is no part of the cake crumb mixture without frosting.

Use a cookie scooper to scoop out little balls. Round them out with your hands; this is so they aren’t as sticky. Make sure that each forms a perfect little ball. You need them to be even when you are dipping them into chocolate.

Put each cake ball onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then place in the freezer for 10 minutes or so to firm up.

Melt some chocolate in a double boiler. The chocolate that you use to cover strawberries is recommended.

You can also use crushed-up white chocolate wafers if you prefer, as the outer layer.

Dip the lollipop stick into melted chocolate then insert into the cake ball. Insert the stick into the little round balls a little less than halfway; just as far as it feels sturdy to hold is adequate.

Dip The cake ball into the melted chocolate. I know the picture shows the dipping without the stick, but don’t do it that way.

Set aside to cool so that the chocolate hardens.

Once they have cooled down, dip each cake pop into the melted chocolate one more time. This is to ensure that they are fully covered. Be very careful at this point––you don’t want the balls to break and fall into the chocolate. Gently tap them above the chocolate to remove any excess chocolate.

Add sprinkles, frosting, or toppings as desired.

Use the Styrofoam block to stick the cake pops into and for display.

Keep on with this process until you are all the way finished. Then (if you want) melt some white chocolate. Put it into a plastic bag and cut a hole at the corner. Decorate each cake pop using the melted white chocolate in the way you want. This step is optional but provides a great opportunity to write a person’s name, the name of a sports team and to draw images, patterns or symbols.

Refrigerate the cake pops. This is to make them stay firm and to keep them fresh until serving time.


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